95th element

Title: 95th Element
Client/Project: 95th Element Luxury Spa
Type: Business cards and service menu
About: I created a clean and polished design while still feeling organic and natural. I really love the juxtoposition of the crisp gold lines with the soft eucalyptus leaves allude to the spa experience while also adding a beautiful foliage touch.View more

Preflight 2018

Title: Josh Misner's youtube channel
Client: Josh Misner
Type: Logo and youtube covers
About: Josh (AKA Dr. J) always wears these bright red glasses and I'm so happy that I was able to incorporate that into a logo and design for his online presence! View more

Fall Folk Festival

Title: Fall Folk Festival
Client: Fall Folk Festival
Type: Marketing Campaign
About: This was a contest for the Spokane Folk Festival open to all designers. My design was selected and I was asked to do a full marketing campaign. This campaign included T-shirts, posters, buttons, programs, and newspaper ads for various local newspapers.View more

nadi label and ad

Title: Nadi
Client: North Idaho College
Type: Branding, Label and Ad
About: Label and magazine advertisement for Nadi Fruit Co. My goal for this was to create a simple brand that would appeal to multiple demographics and audiences. I chose the name Nadi because it is a city in Fiji as well as an anagram of my name.View more


Title: BAIN.net
Client: North Idaho College
Type: Website
About: The idea behind Bain.net was to create a business oriented networking platform that could be used to find new employees and keep up to date on current events. View more

Portfolio animation

Title: Portfolio Animation
Client: North Idaho College/Dani Lawson
Type: Animation
About: This was the final animation for my animation class. I chose to use this project as an opportunity to learn new techniques and mesh them together with the skills I learned in class.View more

Escape brochure

Title: Escape Outdoor Festival
Client: North Idaho College
Type: Logo and Brochure
About: Logo and Brochure design for a fictitious outdoor festival based in Spokane, Washington. The client wanted the light green incorporated throughout the design as well as their supplied copy text.View more

Splash Jerseys

Title: Splash
Client: Splash Basketball
Type: Logo and shirt design
About: The name “Splash” came from the kids saying when the ball goes through the hoop perfectly it’s “wet” like a ball dropping into water and making a “splash”. Super fun concept. I opted for a logo with a playful and free feel to it with the exaggerated water splash. View more

River Water Glass Logo

Title: River Water Glass
Client: North Idaho College
Type: Logo
About: I was given a very limited brief and had 3 hours to complete a logo design. The company was a window and door installation company based in Des Moines, Iowa. I wanted to capture the window and door aspect with an infographic sort of style. View more


Title: Rosewater Real Estate
Client North Idaho College
Type: Logo
About: The idea behind this was to create real estate ads and a logo in full color, duotone, and b/w. I really challenged myself by working outside of my comfort zone for this one. Combining colors, shapes, and fonts that I normally don't use. View more


Title: Design Your Future
Client ExploreVizComm
Type: Poster
About: This poster design was for a contest held by ExploreVizComm. When the poster is full size, all the measurements are accurate. To achieve this, I designed the entire poster with pencil on paper for the texture then digitized and placed it onto the blueprint background.View more


Title: Tinnabulation
Client: Tinnabulation Music Festival
Type: T-shirt
About: My winning design submission for the first annual Tinnabulation Music Festival in Spokane, WA. I went with a very simplified shape that would still be recognizable and people would enjoy wearing on a shirt. View more


Title: Sand Art Spices
Client/Project: North Idaho College
Type: Logo, sell sheet, and packaging
About: When I cook I use the same handful of spices for every dish. To save myself some time, I started a mixture with my go-to spices. There would be so many layers of different colors and textures that I almost didn’t want to mix it all up. That concept sparked Sand Art Spices! My design team and I took that idea of having complimentary flavors and layered them to create a beautiful design reminiscent of sand art. View more


Title: Put the F**king Phone Down
Client/Project: Josh Misner
Type: Book
About: Did this book cover for Josh Misner’s new book, Put The F**king Phone Down! Josh is super cool and this was such a fun project to be a part of! Go check out his book for FREE on Amazon.View more


Title: Candle in the Woods logo and wine labels
Client/Project: Candle in the Woods
Type: Wine Labels and Logo
About: The restaurant is located in north Idaho and I wanted to convey the both the idea of "candle" and "woods" while still keeping a very modern and versatile design. View more