Futura Poster

Title: Futura Poster
Client/Project: North Idaho College
Type: Poster
About: For this poster, I chose to use a typographic style about the font Futura because it is a font that I use often and wanted to learn more about. Futura has an intriguing history of being the first typeface on the moon. I wanted to reflect that in my design by using the moon and an astronaut. View more

Preflight 2018

Title: Preflight
Client/Project: AAF Spokane
Type: Poster, Facebook Cover, Constant Contact Event Page, Email Header, Instagram, and Website Banner
About: Preflight Student Portfolio Review is where students can meet with professionals and can get feedback on their portfolios. I combined a briefcase with off registration CMYK and crop marks to mesh together the preflight aspect of prepress, to the preflight portfolio event.View more

Fall Folk Festival

Title: Fall Folk Festival
Client/Project: Fall Folk Festival
Type: Marketing Campaign
About: This was a contest for the Spokane Folk Festival open to all designers. My design was selected and I was asked to do a full marketing campaign. This campaign included T-shirts, posters, buttons, programs, and newspaper ads for various local newspapers.View more

nadi label and ad

Title: Nadi
Client/Project: North Idaho College
Type: Branding, Label and Ad
About: Label and magazine advertisement for Nadi Fruit Co. My goal for this was to create a simple brand that would appeal to multiple demographics and audiences. I chose the name Nadi because it is a city in Fiji as well as an anagram of my name.View more


Title: BAIN.net
Client/Project: North Idaho College
Type: Website
About: The idea behind Bain.net was to create a business oriented networking platform that could be used to find new employees and keep up to date on current events. View more

Portfolio animation

Title: Portfolio Animation
Client/Project: North Idaho College/Dani Lawson
Type: Animation
About: This was the final animation for my animation class. I chose to use this project as an opportunity to learn new techniques and mesh them together with the skills I learned in class.View more

Escape brochure

Title: Escape Outdoor Festival
Client/Project: North Idaho College
Type: Logo and Brochure
About: Logo and Brochure design for a fictitious outdoor festival based in Spokane, Washington. The client wanted the light green incorporated throughout the design as well as their supplied copy text.View more

Pirates of the Carribean Poster

Title: Pirates Of The Caribbean
Client/Project: North Idaho College
Type: Movie Poster
About: I wanted to keep this design very movie prop/icon based instead of the actor based design the original cover had. Highlighting key points of the movie storyline without spoiling anything. View more

River Water Glass Logo

Title: River Water Glass
Client/Project: North Idaho College
Type: Logo
About: I was given a very limited brief and had 3 hours to complete a logo design. The company was a window and door installation company based in Des Moines, Iowa. I wanted to capture the window and door aspect with an infographic sort of style. View more


Title: Rosewater Real Estate
Client/Project: North Idaho College
Type: Logo
About: The idea behind this was to create real estate ads and a logo in full color, duotone, and b/w. I really challenged myself by working outside of my comfort zone for this one. Combining colors, shapes, and fonts that I normally don't use. View more


Title: Design Your Future
Client/Project: ExploreVizComm
Type: Poster
About: This poster design was for a contest held by ExploreVizComm. When the poster is full size, all the measurements are accurate. To achieve this, I designed the entire poster with pencil on paper for the texture then digitized and placed it onto the blueprint background.View more


Title: Tinnabulation
Client/Project: Tinnabulation Music Festival
Type: T-shirt
About: My winning design submission for the first annual Tinnabulation Music Festival in Spokane, WA. I went with a very simplified shape that would still be recognizable and people would enjoy wearing on a shirt. View more